How We Make Your Jewelry?

How We Make Your Jewelry?

Posted by OceanMinds on Jun 14th 2017

All our nautical jewelry designs start as raw materials; weather is sterling, gold or platinum, first I select a trusted refinery to obtain the purest fine metals.
Once we receive required materials, the first step is to know the size and length and start cutting, bending, shaping, and soldering the pieces together, followed by a bath in a cleaning solution to remove flux and oxidation. 

The next step is very exciting because it is now we can start shaping the new jewelry piece with, different grade files, handsaw, and mandrels. this process may take from a few hours to several days depending on the piece.

Once we finish forming,  filing, and sanding the next step is to set diamonds, precious stones if required, or to the polishing room for a touch of magic, it is here that our jewelry beauty comes to be; by patiently buffing, shining and washing topped by a steam wash.

Every Nautical Gold Jewelry creation is handcrafted for each customer with quality and dedication in mind.