Men's Ring Size

Whether you're just curious about your ring size or you're shopping for engagement rings or wedding rings, we take the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit while shopping for rings online.

These standard ring sizes can help guide you in the right direction.

The average ring size for men ranges from size 8 to size 14.

The most commonly purchased men's rings range between 8 to 10-½; size 9 is the most popular.


Inside CircumferenceInside CircumferenceUS/CanadaGB/AustraliaJapanShop Your Size
2.24256.98P /1/2168
2.29258.28.5Q 1/2178.5
2.34259.59R 1/2189
2.39360.89.5S 1/2199.5
2.44362.110T 1/22010
2.49363.310.5U 1/22210.5
2.54364.611V 1/22311
2.59465.911.5W 1/22411.5
2.64467.212X 1/22512
2.74469.713Z 12713
2.7957113.5Z 22913.5
2.84572.314Z 33114

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